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Waarvan die hart vol is, loop die mond van oor

God is all around us!!

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I felt the need to share this, as it proves a few things.

No1 – God listens (and the words keep resonating in my head sometimes we are so busy looking for the big miracles that we dont see the hundreds of small miracles happening in our lives everyday).
No2  – God has a warm, caring and beautiful sense of humour. No3 God is everywhere!

I was on the road today, out of office, seeing customers and trying to generate some sales for what I can only describe as a slow month. The mood I faced was a negative one. Everywhere I stopped people were complaining about the economy, the Transnet strike, how bad the soccer world cup is going to be for our business, crimetowards the end of my day I was beginning to feel fairly negative and depressed myself. I was wondering how people are so easy to see the bad and find it so difficult to see the good in life. I got to my second last call for the day and before I went in I sat in the car for a couple of seconds, closed my eyes and asked God to give me strength to get through the remainder of the day without going home feeling just like the people I had encountered during the course of my day.

So I walked into Raymonds office said hello and within the first couple of words spoken the subject was on the Transnet strike and how it was impacting our economy. I sat down, took a breath and got ready to listen to the usual. Raymonds wife was there. Out of the blue she says to me: I hear that you have given your heart to the Lord. This caught me a little by surprise, because after my return from the Emmaus I told everyone who cared to listen that I had given my heart to the Lord, and some I told twice incase they didnt hear me the first time. I finally replied yes I did. Then she asked: can I show you something really cool? I replied sure.

She showed me this:

She asked: Do you know what this is?

I said Its the national flag

The black in the rear of the flag is a symbol for the world, the darkness of the world.

The yellow is a symbol for the roads paved with gold in heaven, the road all Christians want to travel on one day.

The green is a symbol for Gods creation, and symbolises the trees, plants and everything else that has life.

The white symbolises Jesus Christ, the Lamb who is without sin.

The red is a symbol for the blood that Jesus spilt to save us from our sins and grant us a chance to eternal life.

The blue is a symbol of the Holy Spirit that was given to us when Jesus ascended into heaven .

She smiled

Does this flag have any symbolic meaning to you now?

My mood was changed in an instant! I couldnt help but notice on my way home, that almost every second or third car is proudly displaying a flag of South Africa.



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André Smit


Outeur: Zee

Waarvan die hart van vol is, loop die mond van oor....

One thought on “God is all around us!!

  1. mooi stukkie! Ons het ook in die eerste jaar na 1994 vir die kinders in Gr3 gese dis die betekenis – [natuurlik vir “ons”] Ek het ook dit nogal so as simbolies ingesien en gedink dit het eintlik oulik “uitegwerk”.

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