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Crystal Methamphetamine

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With reference to my posting on Strawberry Quick



An addictive stimulant that is closely related to amphetamine but has a longer lasting and more toxic effect on the central nervous system. It has a high potential for abuse and addiction.

Street Names:

Speed, meth, crystal meth, ice, glass, tina, beanies, clear, cris, cristina, crypto, fast, rock, sketch, spoosh.

General Effects:

Increased wakefulness and physical activity, decreased appetite. Long term use can lead to psychotic behavior, hallucination and stroke.Methamphetamine, also referred to as crystal methamphetamine, is a white, odorless, bitter tasting crystalline powder that acts as a powerfully addictive stimulant dramatically affecting many areas of the central nervous system.

The immediate “high”, or expected and desired meth side effects (or symptoms of meth use) include euphoria, increased energy and attentiveness, diarrhea, nausea, excessive sweating, loss of appetite, insomnia, jaw clenching, tremors, agitation, compulsive fascination with repetitive tasks, talkativeness, irritability, panic, increased libido or sexual desire and dilated pupils.

Health conditions associated with meth abuse include memory loss, aggression, violence, psychotic behavior, heart damage, neurological damage, weight loss, rapid tooth decay (“meth mouth”), meningitis, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, severe headaches, skin sensations, compulsive picking, skin infections, muscle tissue breakdown, kidney failure and increased occurrence of communicable diseases such as HIV, AIDS and hepatitis.

Street names for methamphetamine include: meth, crystal meth, speed, chalk, ice, crystal, crank and glass. Different street names are used depending on how methamphetamine is used or taken. It can be taken swallowed, snorted, smoked, injected (with or without being dissolved in water), as well as inserted anally and into the urethra. Between 1994 and 2002, the country experienced a 113% (more than double) increase in emergency room visits associated with methamphetamine and similar stimulants.

While originally primarily used on the West Coast (San Diego has long been considered the crystal meth capital), meth labs began appearing all over the country and its use is now widespread. To date there are no pharmacologic agents developed or proven to be effective in treating crystal meth addiction and current treatment methods available to the meth addict consist largely of behavioral interventions and have been disappointing.


How is it different from other stimulants like cocaine? Methamphetamine is a very addictive stimulant drug that activates certain systems in the brain. It is a Schedule II stimulant, which means it has a high potential for abuse and is legally available (under the brand name Desoxyn) by prescriptions which cannot be refilled for the treatment of certain ADDH, sleep and eating disorders that persist despite the use of other pharmacologic agents.

Meth differs from cocaine as follows:



Legally, methamphetamine use is considered a second-line of treatment and uncommonly prescribed narcolepsy (sleeping fits) and obesity under a brand name. It was first synthesized in Japan and was commonly used by Adolf Hitler and German pilots and soldiers in WW II. In the 1950’s meth use increased in the US.

It was legally prescribed for narcolepsy, some forms of Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, certain depressive states, and obesity. The rise of recreational meth use, from meth manufactured in meth labs for personal use and distribution, began peaking in the late 1980’s and continued to rise into the new millennium.


 The effects of methamphetamine are primarily related to is action as a potent central nervous system stimulant affecting the body’s mechanisms for regulating heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, apetite, attention, mood, alertness and alarm responses. Meth can be taken in a number of ways: swallowed, snorted, smoked, injected, anally and through the urethra. Methods which increase the brain’s uptake of the substance have been increasing; snorting is faster than swallowing, smoking is faster than snorting, etc… The drug alters the mood in different ways, depending on the route of administration.

Immediately after smoking meth or injecting it intravenously, the user experiences an intense rush or “flash” that lasts only a few minutes and is described as extremely pleasurable. Snorting or swallowing meth resulting in euphoria, described as a high but not a rush. While the effects of smoking and IV injection are instantaneous, smoking meth produces effects within 3 to 5 minutes and oral injection can take up to 20 minutes to produce a high.

The pleasurable effects of crystal meth disappear even before the blood concentration of the drug falls significantly; in other words, it just stops working. Thus, more meth and increasing frequency of use are necessary to maintain the high. Users indulge in binge behavior for days at a time; foregoing food, hygiene, sleep and other necessities. Recent research shows methamphetamine abuse and dependence to be associated with long lasting alterations in brain electrical activity and function.

These changes in the brain are similar to those seen in people with degenerative brain diseases. It is believed that methamphetamine use actually ‘trims’ the nerve cells in the brain, rendering the pathways incapable of communication and resulting in the state of anhedonia or the inability to experience pleasure.


  • Increased attention
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Increased activity
  • Increased wakefulness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Euphoria
  • Euphoric rush or “flash”
  • Increased respiration
  • Rapid and Irregular heart beat
  • Increased body temperature
  • Diarrhea, nausea
  • Jaw clenching and tremors
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Sexual preoccupation and urgency
  • Inability to climax sexually
  • Dialated pupils

  • Addiction
  • Psychosis
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Compulsive repetition of simple tasks
  • Uncontrolled repetition of motor activity
  • Changes in brain structure and function
  • Memory loss
  • Aggressive or Violent behavior
  • Mood disturbances
  • Severe dental problems
  • Extreme weight loss

In addition, side effect associated with meth overdose include brain damage, meningitis, neurotoxicity, sensations of flesh crawling with bugs, compulsive picking and infecting sores, severe headache, muscle breakdown and kidney failure. There are currently no medications available to treat methamphetamine overdose. 


 The most effective means for dramatically impacting meth use is prevention strategies aimed at local communities. In general, prevention program should start early, be comprehensive and repetitive. Family-focused prevention efforts have been found to have a greater impact than strategies that focus on parents or children/adolescents only.

Withdrawal from methamphetamine is typically characterized by intense drug cravings, depression, insomnia, and increased appetite.Several cognitive behavioral interventions designed to help modify the patient’s thinking and behaviors, and to increase coping skills related to various life stressors are considered promising when conducted long term.

Due to the degenerative effects on the brain, and the slow readjustment and compensation efforts of the brain following cessation of use, most short term treatment strategies have yielded little if any results. There are no medications available to treat addiction or overdose to methamphetamine.

Information obtained from Crystal Recovery.

Please visit http://www.crystalrecovery.com/ for more information.Additional information at


Outeur: Zee

Waarvan die hart van vol is, loop die mond van oor....

22 thoughts on “Crystal Methamphetamine

  1. Dankie weereens vir die inligting.
    Hoe gaan dit met jou seun?

  2. rb, nie goed nie jong, ons sukkel maar nog met die owerheid om hulle in die rehab in te kry. Sal julle op hoogte hou!

  3. Sterkte Zee

    Ek het al gehoor dat mense hulle dwelmverslaafde familie wil laat vermoor, en ek dink ek kan verstaan hoekom.

    As ek mag vra, wat doen jy vir ‘n lewe?

  4. Zee, Dis so jammer dat ons nie al die toegang tot inligting jare gelede gehad het nie, dan was ons bedag op wat was en vir wat om op die uitkyk te wees. Ek seker ons almal se lewens en veral M s’n sou heeltemal anders uitgedraai het .

    Dankie dat jy dit nou jou lewenstaak maak om ons en ander ouers wat dalk nie “clued up” is nie, te educate. Sterkte

  5. Sjoe, al in HG en Vrouekeur van dwelms gelees, maar nog nooit so baie inligting nie. BAIE dankie, Zee. Aangesien my kids nog jonk is kan ek nou al die inligting innneem en stoor. Die jimmil alleen weet hoe ouers moet koes en keer met die hedendaagse tendens om dwelms vir bloedjong kinders te voer en voer en voer!

    Die werk wat jy hier doen, word waardeer. Dank.

    Uhm…ek vermoed as so iets op my pad gesit sou wees, toe ek jonger was sou ek helemal gehooked gewees het…daarom bly ek ver weg van enige drank, rook ens. ens. Sien wel dat daar 1 +punt is: Gee mens verhoogde libido.

  6. Baie dankie. Ek weet nog nie hoe nie, maar ek wil graag ‘n plekkie op my blog maak vir al hierdie artikels van tannie, hoop dis oraait?

  7. Danika, jy is meer as welkom. Dis is presies hoekom ek dit doen sodat ander ingelig kan wees en nie in die “trap” val nie 😉

  8. My hart word koud. Kinders kan soms die stupidste goed doen. En mens kan nie altyd by wees om hul op te pas nie.
    Zee, sterkte met jou seun. Ek hoop julle kry hom in rehab. En hoe gaan dit met sy meisie?

  9. Boendoe, hulle altwee ewe “bad” op die oomblik, ek dink sy net ‘n bietjie meer as hy. Hoop ons hoor maar hierdie week iets van die MW.

  10. Zee, as ek mag vra: hoe lewe hulle? Waar bly hulle? Werk hulle? Eet hulle?
    En nog iets, asb tog. Wat moet ‘n ouer doen as hy/sy uitvind sy kind gebruik dwelms? Waar begin mens? En om dit nog moeiliker te maak: wat kan ‘n ouer wat geld het doen, en wat kan ‘n ouer wat NIE geld het nie, doen?

  11. Boendoe, Zee sal sekerlik ‘n laaang verduideliking gee en ek is seker dat ons almal daaruit kan leer want sy het op die harde manier geleer, maar ek sal kortliks net se: Ouers wat geld het hou aan gee tot hulle bankrot is en dan eers besef dat help nie in gee is nie, en ouers wat Nie geld het nie sal soos ons, hulle gatte afsukkel en nog bymekaar skraap en as dit amper te laat is besef dat die oplossing nie in gee is nie. Sien uit na Zee se woorde.

  12. Hi A3,
    Ek bedoel eintlik watter opsies is beskikbaar vir ‘n ryk ouer en wat vir ‘n arm ouer. Ek, soos ek nou hier sit, sal nie weet waar om te begin nie. Dis goed om oor die gevare van dwelms te leer, maar wat DOEN mens as jy uitvind jou kind gebruik dwelms? Hoeveel kos behandeling (as mens dit behandeling noem)? Is dit binne bereik van die normale gesin? Is daar ander hulpbronne wat die staat beskikbaar stel?
    (Skuus, nou skryf ek ‘n opstel!)

  13. Boendoe, ek dink ek sal n post oor hoe dit gaan en hoe hulle lewe doen asook waar om hulp te kry en wat dit ongeveer kos.

  14. Dankie Zee, maar ek wil nie krap waar dit nie jeuk nie, hoor!

  15. Boendoe, geensins nie. Dis hoekom ek begin blog het, ek het dalk nie al die antwoorde nie want ek het iewers verkeerd gegaan, maar as ek dalk net een ouer of persoon wat dalk die stap wil vat kan help, is my mission complete!

  16. Terug pieng: Crystal Meth Information

  17. Let us show you a way to help you to a drug-free life, a way that can tame cravings, stabilize moods, help a body that’s been damaged by drugs, clear the “mental fog” during the day and help you sleep soundly at night.

  18. Hey Zee ek het ‘n taak om te doen oor dwelms, ek kry nie wat ek voor soek nie. ek soek prente van die verskillende dwelms en wat presies dit is en hoeveel is TE veel. kan jy my dalk help?

  19. Bianca, ek het ‘n paar links gaan opsit by my Drugs / Dwelms page. Gaan loer gerus daar. Ek hoop dat ek van waarde kon wees.

  20. Ek ken iemand wat dwelms gebruik, en dis elke dag soos elke uur, hoe help mens so persoon? Ek het al alles probeer en niks wil werk nie, sy wil net nie ophou nie en sy gebruik dit al vie 8 jaar???

  21. Mariska, die probleem is as hulle nie wil ophou nie, dan kan mens nie regtig iets doen nie, stuur jy hulle wel vir behandeling, begin hulle tog net weer gebruik. Ek stel voor jy praat baie mooi met haar, miskien kan jy vir haar foto’s wys van hoe sy wel gaan lyk as sy nie ophou nie. Sy sal wil MOET ophou om haar te kan help.
    Die beste raad wat ek vir nou het, is om eerstens uit te vind wat is dit wat sy gebruik, dan na julle naaste dwelm rehabilitasie sentrum toe te gaan en hoor hoe om met so ‘n persoon te werk te gaan wat nie wil ophou nie.
    Ek moes basies ‘n diefstal saak gaan maak teen my seun om hom te help. Dalk is dit ook ‘n opsie as sy dalk steel.

    Ek wens so daar was ‘n middel wat mens vir hulle kon ingee (amper so iets soos anti-booze) wat hulle so siek sal maak dat hulle nooit weer dwelms sal wil gebruik nie.

    Baie baie sterkte met jou steil opdraande pad wat voorlê!

  22. Ja ek sit met dieslfde probleem. my kind drink haar 750 ml bottel vodka en sy gebruik rock. elke dag. sy werk en gebruik eers haar geld vir haar bottel en dan vir haar drug/….. 200 n baie klein pakkie. . maar die bottel net n dag. sy bly sowaar regop en gaan werk. Dis 400 vir drank n week en 800 vir haar drug. sy was al uit soos n kers. en spoke gesien. sy skryf briefies en s sy is nou weer in die hel. sy wil nie rehab toe nie. se sy sal self regkom….

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